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Jav Uddin
Personal Trainer

Hi guys thank you for visiting my website and welcome to a VIP personal training tailor made to suit you. I am your coach Jav Uddin and I am a qualified boxing coach and Boxercise Instructor.

I train many people from all age groups. 121s to private groups or even Mums and Dads who also come with their kids. Where I set a fun indoor activity, While kids get their energy out, the parents get their own workout too.

I offer private classes unlike gyms there wont be others around.

My services is a full body workout from abs to legs and bums. A mix of boxing and kickboxing workout. The next half we go on the focus pads and bag workout to enduce power and speed training. This really helps individuals to take out all any stress from a busy day to day life. With my variety of ideas to make your journey more exciting and fun to workout. If you find gym boring or not enjoying exercising, then book me in and have a different experience. Trust me you will love it!!!

Gym instructors will not train with you however I myself will be fully involved in training to motivate you.

My goal is to help individuals reach their full potential and help them boost self confidence and to have fun in the training. Many want to be back to the size they were previously which I can help them go towards.